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How We Started

Our co-founder, Deacon Noel T. Kalunda, was born and raised in a typical African family in rural Uganda. By God’s providence through sports scholarships, he was able to complete high school and eventually a University degree from Uganda Christian University. In 2013, Noel identified a societal problem of street children on the streets of Uganda, and immediately started working towards a lasting solution. He developed a concept paper, embarked on resource mobilisation and started Luther Christian School in 2018. The school sits on 10 acres of land in Bamunanika town council, 9kms from Wobulenzi town off Bombo Road in Luwero District. The life-transforming work of Luther Christian School has touched and attracted many partners, leading to the formation of Schools NOT Streets Global to replicate this model and build schools in different cities with the same societal challenge. On his 40th birthday (June 15 2022), he challenged himself by participating in The Niagara Ultra; running 80kms to launch the fundraiser for a second campus in Suam, at the border of Uganda and Kenya. He runs marathons globally sharing SNS Global's mission and raising teams for short term mission trips to Africa.

The Sustainability Plan (Long Term Business Model)

SNS schools have a social-economic approach. The 500-bed schools are designed to be constructed from donations/grants but to be operated from the schools’ internal revenue after three years of operation. Schools serve both the street children and the privileged from the community with financial ability to pay a reasonable amount to meet the operational costs of the school. By year three, revenue from paying students (250) is able to cater for monthly payroll, provide 3 meals a day, pay for utilities, and medical.

Throughout their time at the school on top of formal education, children are taught different vocations equipping them to be job creators with or without a University degree.

Why We Exist

“Uncle give me something to eat”. No matter which developing city you live in, you are likely to experience this on the streets. From the Bolivian city of El Alto to Odessa in Ukraine, to Yangon in Myanmar, to Addis in Ethiopia, to Kisumu in Kenya, Accra in Ghana to Kampala in Uganda. Millions of street-connected children across the world are abandoned and left to fend for themselves where they face high risks of abuse: trafficking, unsafe migration, labor exploitation, drugs, domestic violence and sexual abuse. Their life is characterized by lack of medical care, no education, hazardous jobs and deplorable living conditions. Just like any child, these children should be in school and enjoy stability and protection: this is what SNS Global does.
Because Street-connected children is a global issue, it calls for global minds with a global approach.

Research from Consortium of Street children indicates that domestic violence, unemployment, natural disasters, unequal industrialization, unplanned rapid urbanization, family disintegration and lack of education are considered as contributing factors behind the increase in the number of street children, it however highlights poverty and lack of sustainable access to decent education as the major factors.

Our solution

SNS Global Is a network of transformers from all over the world. From elite marathoners in Kenya, to movie stars in Hollywood, Faith leaders in Florida, bankers, developers and community organizers across the world, coming together to make a contribution towards finding a lasting solution to this global issue.

Just like our name, we want to see children in schools and never on streets. We continue to work with local faith-based organizations and local governments; to construct home-setting boarding schools, furnish them, staff them, and operate them for 3 years on a road to self-sustaining before transferring them to a local partner to operate for decades to come. In the period of 3 years, some of the children are reunited with their families but remain at the school to secure decent education and develop their talents.

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