SNS Global is a fully licensed 501-(c)-3 with an international board and country program leaderships in every country of operation.

The Board strategically designs and oversees business of the organization, ensures that all program activities are designed to achieve the agreed charitable objects within USA laws and is responsible for the oversight of all international programs. The members of the board are drawn from a wide field of experience, including children’s rights, healthcare, strategy law and entrepreneurship.

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Our Vision

“A society where all children irrespective of their status and background are given equal opportunity to access decent education in a safe family-like environment”.

Our Mision

For His glory transforming lives of homeless children through holistic education, care and sports.

Our Core Value

Christ-centered, Spiritual, Ambassadorial, Biblical, Universal, Accountable, & Transparent.

Our Objectives:

• To rehabilitate, retrain and reintegrate homeless children with their families, guardians and communities for a brighter future.
• To construct and support community-based Christian oriented formal education and vocational institutions to provide sustainable, decent and holistic education to homeless children.
• To provide shelter, care, medication, and hope to rehabilitated children in a family-setting school environment.
• To sensitize communities and raise awareness through sports about the child’s fundamental rights to education, shelter, healthcare and safety.
• To do any other activity geared towards transforming lives of street-connected children

Why Choose Us!!!

Our Unique Model

Our self-sustaining model makes us unique. We raise funds from individuals, congregations and other civic groups in 2 years to construct a fully-fledged school and equip it. The school is then commissioned and immediately start operations. Once the school is self-sustaining which normally happens after second/third year, our young leaders off the street are brought into the school from transition centers to access excellent education in a Christian environment. The young leaders spend their time at the school during school term, and in vetted homes during holidays. This is done on a case-by-case basis and several factors are considered before a child is attached to a family for homestay.

We keep you in the know of how your gift is helping us achieve our goal. Be on the lookout for our quarterly reports.

At SNS Global, you give your $1 to build the school, and it actually builds the school. We have a very supportive international board which meets all office overhead costs. Your gift educates a child for so many years to come. We love it, its sustainable and progressive. Would you give today and join our unique model?

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